Can I move SD card from Pi3 to Pi4?

Hi. I have a Rpi3B armv71 (I dont think its a B+), running 6.24.1.

I just bought a new RPi4B 4GB but it came with something called NOOBS.

Can I just take the SD card out of my Pi3 and put it in the Pi4? Will it work?

Thank you.

Yep that should work


Is there any chance on ruining the SD card?

Well always thinks can happen. But usually it should work. To be on safe side, just create an image backup of your SD card.

Here is a testament to how stable Dietpi is, its been so long I forget the shutdown command, and I cannot for the life of me find it now.

Is it ok to just pull the power out?

never just kill the power…it massively increases the chance of corruption!

proper shutdown command is

shutdown -h now

Thank you WarHawk.

I figured yanking the power might be a bit of a no-no :slight_smile:

Well, that was a fizzer.
RPi4 would not start up using the SD card from the RPi3.

Choices : learn NOOBS or get another SD card and install Dietpi fresh on the RPi4. Neither are particularly bad options.


do you have any error messages while starting your SD Card on the RPi4. And I guess NOOBS as well should be installed on an SD Card. So you should have already one :slight_smile:

Hi Joulinar, no errors on screen, in fact nothing comes up on the screen at all.

I notice when I use the NOOBS card (which I see now has Raspbian on it) there is a light near the power connector that blinks red/green a few times and then the Raspbian desktop loads.

When I use the Dietpi card from the RPi3, that light blinks green once, then stays red, and the RPi4 seems to stop doing anything.

I dont usually have a screen connected to the RPi3, I use putty to access it.

Is it worth connecting the RPi3 to a screen to make sure there is video output?

ok I will do some test tomorrow. It might be working to put a SD from a RPi4 into RPi3 but not the other way around

Thats what I found on raspberrypi website

Model 4 (B) green LED blinks regular when the PI doesn’t detect the SD-card, and irregular when it boots, if the LED stays inactive (with power on) perhaps you need to repair the BOOT EEPROM code

ahh yeah there are some steps needed in addition. I found this blog entry.

Thank you Joulinar.

At this point I think I would be better to just do a fresh install of Dietpi on the Pi4 and reinstall the 2 things I have running on the Pi3.

Thank you for your help though, very much appreciated.