Can I install home assistant in dietpi?

Hi, can I install home assistant as a program in my rp4, with dietpi as my current os?

Or do I need a separate pie with only home assistant installed?

I’m going only going to use 2 automation commands to integrate harmony remote with philips hue lights.

go to dietpi-software and install HA.

thanks found it, looks like I don’t need my pie in close proximity to my harmony hub and philips hue.

So I guess I will sell the other pie I got for this goal, lol

keep it, you never know if not needed later on for other projects

Is this something that needs my attention?

usually a new install/ reinstall of HA should bring you to Python 3.10

ok, what happens to my automations if I reinstall, are they still there?

yes, usually they should persist. Do a backup beforehand to be on save side. :wink:

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See also DietPi Software Options - Docs