Can i install dietpi on zimablade?

I purchased a ZimaBlade does anyone have experience with this hardware and know if it is possible to install dietpi on it? its “casaOS” software is debian-like and on the site they say it is also compatible with PI OS.

looks like a x86 SBC. Theoretically you could try the native pc image.

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CasaOS is just debian with the webgui overlay built in…you can install CasaOS on practically any debian based OS.
Heck…you could install DietPi, then side load CasaOS…
As Joulinar said…use the x86 image of DietPi

Thank you for your answers. I honestly have little interest in casaOS, which I would use if I had no alternative. I prefer if possible to install DietPI and then Home Assistant in a docker container. I will try the x86 image as suggested.