can i download beta testing version (version 6.34)

I want to install bitwarden,unbound which will be the part of new version 6.34. is there any way we can download this advance version & try it out. i know this version is not stable yet. but i do not mind to use beta version also. thanks


many thanks for your message. Currently there is no Beta version available. However you could move to dev branch as follow


Thanks @Joulinar,
with your instruction i am able to install bitwarden & it is working perfectly. I am able to access the webUI of bitwarden through browser. so everything is working as per intended from this software.

but one side note that i am not able to access this host bitwarden through android bitwarden app. it shows me some certificate error. so some expert can check it & find the solution for it.

one thing more if i want to backup/sync my vault data. which folder in dietpi i have to store some where. also want to clarify . if some thing happen to bitwarden this host. if i have those vault backup files. can i restore from those backup stored files. those files are independent to version of bit-warden version or operating system.

better to report your comment regarding bitwarden at the following GitHub post. There you can exchange with the guys who developed the stuff :wink: