Camera Motion Detection


Does anyone know how to get motion detection to work?
I’ve tried a lot, but nothing will work.

Perhaps I’m using the wrong settings?
Can someone send me in the right direction?


I am working on the same thing right now. That’s why i requested Fourdee to update dietpicam to 6.0.9.

Right now i am trying it with the following:

UV4L as the base.

Live Stream works perfectly.

Motion Installation. Configuration File provided also.

UV4L for Pi is pretty new. Not even a year old. I think this is the best option for raspberry pi when it comes to motion detection.

try your luck. i will let you know if i got it to work.

I hope you will do the same =)

Good Luck.

Sorry guys, been extremely busy recently. I’ve not forgot the update and i’ll hopefully take a look at it this week:

Hi Guys,

Updated the installation of DietPiCam to use RPi_Cam_Control 6.0.9.
This will be available when DietPi v93 is released (sometime this week).

When v93 is released and you’ve ran dietpi-update:
You will need to reinstall DietPiCam to have the 6.0.9 version. Use dietpi-uninstall to remove DietPiCam, then, reinstall with dietpi-software

Thank You Fourdee :smiley: