Hello community!

This is my first post here :smiley:

At first, thanks for great work.

I like the caddyserver. Cool features and simple config. I use caddy as reverse proxy for my docker applications.


sudo curl | bash -s http.cache,http.expires,http.filter,http.ipfilter,http.minify,http.ratelimit,http.git

Parameter ‘-s’ … selection of plugins


Install caddy with php-fpm. webroot with index.php … phpinfo() … ‘Caddyfile’ with frequently used use cases (e.g. reverse proxy, load balancing, directory protection, automatic update from git repo, …)

Any chance for caddyserver in the near future? -->> bashscript for installation; check OS, download and install (look comment in head)

Regards from Berlin

Cool…that would be pretty awesome

any updates on this?

Here the GitHub request:
And here the FeatHub link to give it a vote: