C2 no sound over HDMI

Hi, I can’t get sound out of the C2.
I tried https://dietpi.com/forum/t/resolved-no-sound/51/1 but when trying to play a file, I get “sample format non available”. Might be an issue with the downloaded wavs. Do you have a file that should work?
When trying

amixer scet numid=3

the answer is: amixer: Cannot find the given element from control default.
Edit: HDMI cable and monitor work fine on Windows-PC and with Raspi 3.

Sent in Bug report. Ref code: 762aedbb-48f7-41dc-a4b2-7cc5ad4569ff-0

Thanks in advance-


I’ll check the bug report, thanks.

Can you test the following and see if sound works, paste results if error:

speaker-test -c2

Speaker test 1.0.28
Device is default
48000khz s16_le, 1 Channel
16 octaves
Range set to 48000
Buffer size 32768
Periods 4
Period size was 8192
Buffer size was 32768

0-Front left

Still no Sound

And idea?
Sorry, no copy-Paste of the result. Using my cell.

Looks like speaker-test is running fine. You should have sound.

Most likely HDMI cable or TV configuration. Try another HDMI cable, and TV if possible.

Hi Fourdee,

Thanks for your support. I double checked the cables and monitors. They work fine with Windows or my Raspberry.
I checked libreelec on a second SD card and Kodi gave the clicking sound :slight_smile:
So I tried to install squeezelite and got the “you are offline, because debian is not available” message. So I changed to the UK-Location, installed squeezelite and updated to version 145.
Now the C2 is playing music from squeezebox or from my iPad :slight_smile:

Don’t know what really caused it.