Buying a Radxa Zero

I was wondering if anyone has brought a Radxa Zero from RADXA Zero – ALLNET China? I haven’t been able to find many/any reviews about the website so no idea how trustworthy they are (no offence to them, but in this day and age I find caution online to be a good default!)

Seeing as the Pi Zero2 is near impossible to find this looks like a good alternative but they don’t have a distributer in the UK

not sure if you will find a useful answer on your question. Even if it was working for someone, it doesn’t mean it will be same for you. It’s still a web site being located on a country far far away. There might be a chance thinks are not going as expected :wink:

Yeah, but can get an idea if likely to be somewhat trustworthy. :smile:

A problem I faced when ordering from a shop directly in China, even the shorter way from China to Indonesia, is that thay may not care at all about customs, whether it’s about what you need to pay to retrieve the package, or whether it can be imported at all (Indonesian customs are very strict). Thats different with Chinese vendors selling on European shops/platforms.

@smartoad I have three of 'em, bought from a north american distributor. I got the 4GB version with 8GB eMMC to use as the boot device, with the sdcard for expansion data.

they work pretty well, though I’m having issues with the device tree using dietpi … which is what I actually came here to ask about.

I’m reluctant to use Chinese webshops partly because of customs issues, and partly because some of their identification requirements are onerous. I wanted to buy afew NanoPi machines via aliexpress, and they wanted me to fax/email my passport and credit card. Um, no…