[ Button ] hardware buttons configuration

Hey lovely ppl at Diet-Pi forum ! ,

I’m trying to find a way to re-confige my SBC buttons ( the hardware buttons on the SBC itself ) ,
as i have 2 buttons on my SBC :

is there any way to made the buttons do tasks i want in diet-pi ?
For example the (mask button ) can i switch it to run a specific ( script ) i made ?

  • Note : i have installed my diet-pi on my Rock Pi S using the pre-Configured image from diet-pi website

any help will be appreciated !

Best to my knowledge this is not available within DietPi default setup. Better to ask on a hardware specialised forum if and how this would be possible.

Oh , what a bad luck , i have made a lil script with ( bash ) that switch your static ip when your switch to other router with different dhcp server , the script is basically a ( diet-pi confige ) steps put it’s happens without entering any infos by a human ,

the problem now idk how to automate it , if i put it in reboot / restart it’s will stuck in a loop

Maybe we can try to debug if you show us your script.

Ofc ! , Let me do some changes and i will post right away seeking some help XD