Build debian package from source...


today I came across that with update to 6.30 fuse module did not work. modprobe fuse just claimed for a non-existing module. I have solved the issue by I guess repeatedly execute

apt remove --purge fuse exfa*
apt install fuse exfa*

After third time and applying the USB Automount script of rosswesleyporter, it started working again, and I could manually mount my USB drive by

mount -t exfat /dev/sdb1 /myUSBDrive


dietpi-drive_manager /dev/sdb1 /myUSBDrive (but here I was not allowed to choose this directory btw!! I must have chosen /mnt/<sth>)

So I wanted for example build the fuse module from scratch. So here are my questions:

  • Sources.list has no references to any debian source packages. Could I reference here some and in case if, which version?
  • Where can I found /bind fuse-source or any other source source for any debian package?
  • What is the mechanism behind what debian package is supported and which is not?

So I can generalize the problem, how is the recommended way of installing foreign packages to the dietpi system?

The problem actually also came up for me a second ago to maybe path pmount to support exfat file system. :wink:.

MichaIng Can you give me some hints?

BR paedda