Bug in 6.9? Squeezeboxserver doesn´t show up in dietpi-process_tool


since the last update to 6.9 I cannot access the settings for “Squeezeboxserver” in dietpi-process_tool anymore even though “Squeezeboxserver” is installed and running as supposed. It used to work fine in earlier versions. Fresh re-install of 6.9 did not change anything, “Squeeboxserver” is just missing in the process_tool!

Is it a bug?

Thanks for any help & Cheers,

P.S.: SBC is a RPi 3B+.


Thanks for the report.

This is a known bug which cropped into our v6.9 release due to a revision in the ps [c]ax scrape.

Its resolved for v6.10 once completed and released (ETA 1/2 weeks). In the mean time you can resolve now by running the below command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Fourdee/DietPi/8fcdc59cd25f58fb2a760526d6da77ad0f6c6bf/dietpi/dietpi-process_tool -O /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-process_tool

Hi fourdee,

thanks for your quick reply, later I´ll try your suggested solution!


Hmm, I´m getting a 404 error (not found)… typo?