BruteFIR crashes when playing sound

I have the DietPi BruteFIR package installed using a Raspberry Pi 3 and USB sound card.

BruteFIR plays sound fine if a .wav file is the input, but if I try to play anything through the loopback by for example using aplay to play a wav file it crashes with the following error:

ALSA I/O: Could not read audio: File descriptor in bad state.
I/O module failed to read, aborting.

I have had BruteFIR working on the same Raspberry Pi with a regular Raspian installation and I can’t figure out what is causing the problem in this case…

I warned about this problem here:

The alsa loopback is not included in the OS (at least on my Tinker Board version), so BruteFIR can’t find it and throws the error.

Please join me in asking Fourdee to add the alsa loopback to all current DietPi releases as soon as possible.

I found that it doesn’t crash as long as I just use the default sound output - i.e. don’t specify which playback hardware aplay uses with the -D parameter. Even though the playback hardware I was specifying IS the default playback device.