Broken installation after update to the latest version


I have updated to the latest version and now the system does not start, this appears on the screen, what is the problem?

Maybe you would like to provide some more information about your system/setup


Finally I had to reinstall, the data on the card had got corrupted while updating.


I had a similar problem. Reinstalling definitely works but I have been unsuccessful using the dietpi-update script to successfully update my rPi 3B. The script seems to make it part of the way and then dies with what appears to be eMMC errors. I’m using a samsung 32GB SD card so shouldn’t be running out of space. Once the update fails, the rPi will not boot. Reinstalling does work so I don’t believe that there is an issue with the SD card.

Any ideas?

There could be some data corruption leading to these issues. But hard to say as you reinstall already. If you did a fresh install, you should be updated to latest version already.