BPI-M2 Berry distribution?

Hi all,

I have been using Dietpi (I really appreciate your work on this distribution) in various Mini-boards (Raspberry 3, Odroid, BananaPi Pro, Nano Pi Neo2, OrangePi) with marvellous results (but in the NanoPi Neo2 due to USB weird resets acting as TimeCapsule backup, I guess due to the huge amount of small file, but this is another story :slight_smile: ) but I’m very proud of what all of you have made with this distribution. This is a stable OS, very easy to use/install/upgrade, well, what else does anyone need? :wink:

Recently I have bought a Banana Pi M2 Berry (I really love Banana HW, very stable and powerful), however, I’m not seeing any “specific” distribution for this board. I understand the Bpi-M2+ distribution will work but as there are differences in Hw (BPI-M2 Berry comes with SATA port) not sure if the distribution will make the trick. My new Berry will arrive soon and, as I like having everything ready by when the boards arrive to me, I would like to continue using your wonderful distribution in this new board.

Making the long story short…

Will the BPi-M2 distribution work in the BPi-M2 Berry? (if so, really thanks).
If not, are you planning to develop a distribution for the Berry BPi-M2? (here the specs: Quad Core Board with 1GB RAM, WiFi&Bluetooth,Gigb Ethernet http://www.banana-pi.org/m2ub.html

Thanks in advance and keep doign this good job.

I can’t really answer this question but I have BPi M1 with SATA and DietPi runs fine on it. So chances are good.


Sorry, I don’t think so.

BPi M1 with SATA ==>> AllWinner A20 ARM Cortex-A7™ Dual-core

BananaPi M2+ ==>> Allwinner H3 1.2 GHz quad core

Banana Pi M2 Berry ==>> Allwinner V40 Cortex-A7™ Quad-core

Allways the same story: - if someone send or donate @Fourdee this device, perhaps …

Hi K-plan,

Don’t know if this will make a difference but the version of DietPi I used on BPi M1 was was either for the Pro or M2+ (the only ones available, there wasn’t a DietPi version for the M1) and everything works, including SATA.

Edit - it was this image I used: DietPi_v127_BananaPiPro-armv7-(Jessie).


Hi all,

finally, I have tested all available DietPi distributions for Banana HW, but no luck to make the Banana Berry booting with DietPi.

As it was stated by K-Plan, Allwinner V40 made the difference (for everything), more power, but less compatibility with current existing DietPi images.

Finally I got raspbian installed and I will have to live with it. OpenMediaVault works hence, more than enough. JottaCloud, Hubic and Amazon Drive for backups (duplicati and Rclone) made the rest.

Thanks a lot to all, I will check from time to time whether there is a new image that could work.


I’m also sitting on some BPI-M2 Zeros hoping for a distro for dietpi.
The Banana board is totally ideal for my project but I’m really struggling to get a decent os on it.

Please, please, please…

If your find any working Debian based image, please try to apply our image preparation script onto the running system. If the device is not listed within the related choice menu, choose “Generic device”: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/blob/beta/PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh
At least we did support some BPi and OPi devices and those are still inside the devices list, included some (indeed possibly outdated) special customization. At least with kernel, bootloader and architecture it should work fine and if the base Debian system uses systemd as init system.