Boot Splash

Does anyone know of a way to setup a boot splash? I’ve tried using fbi and service scripts but my image never displays.

I’d like to display a static image, much like OSMC or RetroPie.

My reason for wanting this is for a kodi box, I don’t need to see the boot messages fly past I have a script that runs in the background that reports system status to a server.


I believe DietPi is compatible/based upon Rasbian/Armbian

See if something like this will work

Both of the above links seems to be the same thing…so it might be possible to get it working

Any of the developers want to see if this is viable?

Gave this another go on a fresh install

Now it works sort of at boot the system messages pass by then the splash shows up for a short time and back to system messages again.

What I remember form doing this years ago on Gentoo was building a kernel ramdisk images with bootsplash enabled that was a very messy process. I’m not familiar enough with how boot sequence and how the kernel is configured for DietPi. I don’t think that there isn’t support for a custom kernel either.

The other OS’s I mentioned have solved this issue but don’t seem willing to share how.