Boot/Splash Screen - Disable It?

I am trying to disable as much of the boot text as possible and am nearly there.
I am struggling to disable the initial boot screen, does anyone know of a way?
Yes, I have added: logo.nologo to /boot/cmdline.txt


many thanks for your message. Did you tried to set disable_splash=1 within /boot/config.txt ?

Yes, that is actually disabled by default

DietPi for Raspberry PI devices is nothing else than a Raspberry OS with some nice scripts on to and a reduced amount of packages installed. Means, whatever is working to deactivate the splash screen on plain Raspberry OS, will most probably work on DietPi as well.

Maybe one of these two guides could help you

It’s not 100% normal raspbian though, these techniques work for normal raspbian but not necessarily for dietpi.
For example, there is no /usr/share/plymouth directory.

I tried the splash screen service and it actually added my custom logo image to anther part of the boot process, it does not replace the screen in my photo.

well one of the packages that have been removed in DietPi from plain Raspberry OS. You should be able to install it but not sure if this will help on your case

apt install plymouth

As of the Sept 2020 firmware, you want one of the bootloader config options:

You want the DISABLE_HDMI option set to 1. Despite its somewhat confusing name, it doesn’t disable HDMI on the device, it just disables the status screen that you’re talking about to the HDMI device.