Boot from SD

Hello everyone, I use DietPi x86 on a native pc and it boots always via sd card. Since the pc has an unused ssd I would like to be able to remove the memory card forever and boot from the ssd. I’ve searched on the forum with no success (only outdated tutorials) and drive manager only allows me to move rootFS (so memory card is needed anyway). Thanks everyone for the help!


many thanks for your report. Recommended way is to flash DietPi image directly to SSD.

Jep, especially on x86_64 it is not trivial to move the root partition from a live system. Basically grub bootloader needs to be installed from scratch, and I’m not sure if this can be done to an external drive for the current root drive, with changed UUIDs etc.

Aside of flashing the DietPi image to the SSD directly, if you did setup the image too far now, it should be possible to clone the SD card onto the SSD from an external system, via dd if it’s a Linux host, for Windows there should be a disk clone tool available as well. If is important that the SD card is cloned bit-by-bit so that bootloader outside of the partition, partition offset and UUID stay exactly the same. Copying files over only does not work to move an OS.

Thanks so much for the replies.
I would like to flash dietpi on the ssd directly from the beginning but the installation does not allow me, it does not see the ssd but only the memory card! I don’t understand why. Eventually I’ll try with dd… Tnx!

hi, what system you are using the flash the image to SSD?