boot dietpi on USB HD using a tinkerboard

I was able to get dietpi to boot off of a USB hard drive using an SDCard install of tinkeros. however, doing this breaks the Ethernet connection when dietpi boots.

I’d rather give the axe to tinkeros and use dietpi to give the instruction to boot from hard drive. Any ideas of what I would change to tell it to boot off of sda2 ?


Many thanks for your question. I don’t have your board but found this on Google

This is what I did to get dietpi to boot from the hard drive, but for whatever reason ethernet doesn’t work upon boot, starting with the time sync not working. when i go into the dietpi config and reset the ethernet it will work, but the setting is gone upon a reboot.

if i can fix that then i am good to go. thanks for your quick response.


you could do a reboot and have a look to journalctl + dmesg afterwards, to check for error messages related to Ethernet interface. What does ip a gives you after reboot?