Bookworm bluetooth not working, hcitool not showing devices (rpi zero 2 w)

Does anybody know something about my problem?
I have tried everything i think, but noticed one: rtl8723ds-firmware was installed default, but i don’t think rpi zero 2 is using realtek chips (broadcom instead).
Am I right? Can someone try bluetooth with bookworm dietpi image with a pi? (i don’t really think the version of pi matters a lot).
Services are okay, bluetoothctl runs well, but it can’t find the controller (as hcitool dev says, there is NO device).

The firmware-brcm80211 package is the one for the RPi WiFi chip. To be honest I’m not sure whether it’s including the Bluetooth driver. rtl8723ds-firmware should be installed on ROCK Pi S only when enabling Bluetooth.

An issue could be that on Bookworm the (newer) firmware package from Debian is installed instead of the one from the RPi repository.

Does this help?

cd /tmp
curl -L '' -o package.deb
dpkg -i --force-downgrade package.deb
rm package.deb

I will try that, but I switched back to bullseye 32bit now, and testing RetroPie. I will test it later today or tomorrow, but for first sight I think your solution should work, so I’m looking forward to test it!