Please consider adding Booksonic to DietPi.

Booksonic is a dedicated audiobook server. The server is based upon Subsonic / Madsonic.

I’m hoping that the lessons learnt while adding Subsonic to DietPi could make this addition a relatively simple job.

Thanks for considering the request.


Oh that is AWESOME!!! I listen to audiobooks on my drive to and from work (it’s a 75 mile round trip)
I have 26.99gigs of audiobooks on my phones 64GB microSD card, and I use Smart AudioBookPlayer app to stream it to my bluetooth enabled radio in my truck.
It would be awesome to be able to have them on my 1TB nextcloud Orange Pi PC server (considering it’s only using about 50~ gigs of pics, the rest is just waiting to be used

I second this!

Booksonic is a server and an app for streaming your audiobooks to any pc or android phone. Most of the functionality is also available on other platforms that have apps for subsonic.

Only problem is…not 100% sure I want to open a port thru my firewall…guess I will just have to OpenVPN in and use my LAN IP address, much easier and safer that way

Even have a pretty nice walkthru/howto install on a linux server