An easy fast way to setup Boinc for the various projects it’s used for would be awesome. I already use Dietpi where it’s the proper choice of os and have for some time now. I just recently set up 2 Odroid XU4’s, one Ordiod N2 and a Raspberry Pi 3b using Dietpi to save time. Looking up the boinc commands can be a pain though :wink: Maybe even just set it up for it’s most common project seti@home… I’ve mabe a couple donations before and thanked you but feel I should say thank you once more :slight_smile:

Here is what I did to get it running on a full install on a openmediavault…(which can run on arm) so it ~should~ work

I wonder if one of the devs can check it out and implement it…I think it needs multiarch of i386 in order to run…even under arm

But I 100% agree…this should be a package and/or a docker build…then there can be a dietpi group crunching WU’s :wink:

scaring, I was thinking the same to post something on Boinc as I setup Seti on my Pi3 on the weekend :sunglasses:

apt-get update
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --project_attach <Your Boinc Account Key>

or to create an account

boinccmd --create_account [Email-Adresse] [Passwort] [Username]

check running task

boinccmd --get_tasks

or use some desktop front end.

just a side node guys.

SETI@home will stop distributing work and will go into hibernation.