Bluetooth Speaker as Squeezelite Player in LMS

Hi all,

I have had PiCorePlayer (LMS and Squeezelite music server/player, TinyCore Linux) on my RP3 rev v1.2 for some time and it works flawlessly. Now I want my RP to be a video server and have set this up through DietPi and also set up LMS and Squeezelite. One of the best things about PiCorePlayer is you could connect a bluetooth speaker to LMS and it would recognise this as a player.

I’ve followed this guide below and just can’t get this to work at all; bluetooth speak connects and I believe everything works, but once connected I cannot get the bluetooth speaker to appear in my list of players in LMS?

I’m not certain if everything installed correctly or if services are running correctly.

Can anyone please advise me what to do, try and even how to report out the errors that might be occuring with a potential faulty setup?

Thank you all very much!

DId you test whether the Bluetooth speaker is shown in aplay -l and plays sound when using speaker-test?

Have same issue and idea to connect Bluetooth speakers to lms be able to use in multiroom environment. It is available in system as a speaker and I can play from climentine, but not in lms, please guide.