Bluetooth LE 0x13 disconnect after 3s~ of connecting

model: RPi 4 model B (aarch64)

Currently trying to get Bluetooth working, and I’m currently using a package named bleno. However, everything works, except when I try to connect, it works for ~3s and disconnects. btmon shows this as an HCI command: Disconnect being given,
Handle: 64
Reason: Remote User Terminated Connection (0x13)

Any idea I can find out what is giving this disconnect request?

It almost seems like it’s coming from the kernel.

This makes me believe that dietpi has configured the Bluetooth GATT server from bluetoothd, as from what I can see, that works fine - bleno creates its own GATT server (also code runs fine on normal RPI firmware).

However this is a new interaction, and I’m a bit lost from the error.
Cheers for any help.

would appreciate any help re this, gonna give it a lil’ bump.