Blocked confusion

I have a Raspberry Pi v3b running DietPi 6.9. Things run on it just fine (I have Plex, PiHole, Sonarr, qBittorrent, VNC, Radarr + Jacket on it) but it seems to want nothing to do with my laptop (static IP of I can connect to VNC and all the webbased things on my phone but if I run VNC Viewer on my laptop it won’t work. I also am unable to SSH in with it.

I’ve tried
sudo iptables -L -n

but the Chain INPUT, Chain FORWARD and Chain OUTPUT are all blank.

I’ve got fail2ban setup, but fail2ban-client status says I have 2 jails that are both empty.

I’ve manged to temporarily resolve the situation by changing my laptops static IP in the network and it now can access everything just fine. But the 2 questions are…

  1. Where other than iptables + fail2ban would my DietPi be storing this blog?
  2. How can I find out what triggered the block so it doesn’t happen again?