Blank screen after updating Nvidia drivers

Bug report: 9926b07b-3c13-4395-92b4-d04e0a7f43ce
Fresh install of the newest stable version
x86_64 UEFI.
intel i3 4xxx
Nvidia 1050ti
Happens with a minimal install (zero apps install through dietpi-software)

I install the latest (happens on old versions too) version of the nvidia drivers:

Edit Update: Whether I use the below method of building it myself, or simply use “apt-get install nvidia-driver” the result is the same (blank black screen upon reboot). The bug report from a fresh install using the apt-get method is: e006d722-1499-4ce3-8cd7-988e9aa8da4b

apt-get install dkms build-essential
apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
sh ./

After the install, I reboot. I can see the initial boot text and then the screen simply goes black (it’s powered on, receiving a signal… its just black. No cursor, no prompt… just black. The F keys do nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing. I have to log in via ssh from another computer to interact with it in any way.

Your probably asking yourself why didn’t i simply install the nvidia drivers through dietpi. That’s a great question. The answer is that if you install it via that method, Emby server doesn’t detect it for some reason (I mean… if you could figure out why… that’d be awesome, but I suspect its probably due to emby) and so it won’t let you use it for transcoding. Since I have an older cpu, I require being able to use my video card for transcoding… so I have to jump these hoops on any new installs. I’ve done it a few times before (it’s been about 8 months since the last time) without issue. Now, there’s obviously an issue.

Note: My solution here no longer works. Presumably has to do with the newer linux version dietpi is running.

Edit Update: It appears to occur during the build process. A prompt appears saying that the nouveau driver is currently running and has to be disabled in order to complete the process. It prompts me to allow it to disable it with a modprobe entry. After I do that, the make process quit (presumably because I have to restart so that nouveau isn’t running and try again). When I restart… the blank screen happens. I can complete the process successfully by sshing in and doing it via terminal, but when I restart, it’s still the blank black screen.