Better alternative to log2ram?

Hey everyone, new around here. Long time user but finally decided to start contributing/getting involved.
I was looking at ways to protect my SD card from constant small writes from the OS and I generally came to 2 plausible answers.
One is the well known log2ram and the other was a less known option that uses Zram and overlayfs.
Here’s the git:

I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough about the subject of OS tools and management so I just wanted to show this here for whoever is interested to dig into.
The only reason I thought this might be useful is because long term sbc support for weaker boards, where the much more fragile SD card/USB stick hardware is the only option, seems to be a big focus for this community.
Thanks for the great project and help guys and keep up the great work!


By default DietPi will have RAMlog activated. Means /var/log will be a tmpfs and is located inside RAM. DietPi aims to reduce r/w operations down to a minimum.

ZRAM can be activated using /boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_swapfile zram

An overlayFS I tested once, some info on this link

YeahI know dietpi has log2ram by default. When I was looking for an option was when i was trying for a Pi OS install and doing it all from scratch but after some headache and frustration I decided to just return to dietpi.

Was just wondering if that git, that isn’t very known, would have something useful for you guys to use since the creators seem to be adamant in saying it’s better than log2ram or any other solution out there atm.
Cheers for the reply!