Best way to migrate from NanoPi R4S to R6S - is dietpi-backup best?

Hey all, I purchased a new device (R6S) to upgrade my existing dietpi install running on an R4S. I have a bunch of docker containers running on it that I wish to as seamlessly as possible migrate.

The major difference btwn current install (r4s) and my new device is that I wish to have dietpi installed on the onboard emmc of the r6s. Then userdata only will be in microsd.

I am not sure if dietpi-backup is right for me… I see that backup does not work with SMB (tried to mount my synology nas) and on the local path it seems to be a raw copy of the entire R4S / files inside the partition - in other words, dietpi-backup seems to be a tool meant for restoring to the same hardware device…what about migrating to new devices? isn’t there an easy way to do it or tool to simply install all of the software options that were previously enabled in dietpi-software and such, then copy folder dietpi_userdata over?

We don’t offer such a migration tool. You would need to create a fresh install and copy your docker container config data manually.

ok thanks!