Berkeley DB 4.8 on Latest Dietpi

Does anyone know how to install Berkeley DB 4.8?
I have to compile some Crypto wallets, which needs DB 4.8, since the newer versions of DB won’t work with the older “wallets”.

Any help would be appreciated!

I found this…not sure if it will help or not, but it shows how to upgrade to 4.8
Upgrading Berkeley DB installations (

Using a search engine is giving following bitcoin/ at master · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub

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yes, I can do a google search too!
spent almost 2 days of time, trying these all out.
I did the one you posted too!
BUT, they won’t work, as debian did something with the software, that breaks compatibility.

So i was hoping for another solution.

not everyone just jumps on the forums to post questions without googling first.