Beaglebone Black problem


I was trying to transform my Beaglebone Black to DietPI through the built script. Everything was normal on the setup and after the reboot, I have the “black screen”. Is this related to the problem that was before with RPI or not supported at all due to the TI cpu?

Regards. :slight_smile:

the problem with RPi was related to a Kernel version that had challenges. But it was dedicated to RPI only. Just out of curiosity, did you tried connecting via SSH (even if it is showing a black screen)?

Yes I have tried via SSH it is not working.

There was an image available in past but I guess support has been dropped as there was no real usage. I will link the old GitHub issue. Last comment is from last year stating about network problems

Thank you for the link. I see that the connman is removed, correct that is why i have checked the config on


but still nothing. Maybe something is broken.

pls stick to GitHub on this issue

Yes of course thank you.