Beaglebone Black problem


I was trying to transform my Beaglebone Black to DietPI through the built script. Everything was normal on the setup and after the reboot, I have the “black screen”. Is this related to the problem that was before with RPI or not supported at all due to the TI cpu?

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the problem with RPi was related to a Kernel version that had challenges. But it was dedicated to RPI only. Just out of curiosity, did you tried connecting via SSH (even if it is showing a black screen)?

Yes I have tried via SSH it is not working.

There was an image available in past but I guess support has been dropped as there was no real usage. I will link the old GitHub issue. Last comment is from last year stating about network problems

Thank you for the link. I see that the connman is removed, correct that is why i have checked the config on


but still nothing. Maybe something is broken.

pls stick to GitHub on this issue

Yes of course thank you.

Similar issue with my beaglebones black and Dietpi except it seems to die at the connman removal portion of the conversion.
About a year ago I had made a couple BB Blacks into Pi-holes. I used buster images put into eMMC and then did conversion to Dietpi without issues. Well now I am trying to redo them cause no one remembers the login passwords… Yeah,defecation occurs. Anyway, I tried converting from a clean install of buster, and it failed at the connman removal. So I redid a clean install of buster, upgraded it to bullseye,and then did the conversion to Dietpi, some thing.
Specifically it stops at the " Removing connman (1.36_2.2)"

So is it a bullseye issue ? There is no bullseye image for the BB Black… So kinda lost here since it did work before without the added step of an upgrade to the conversion.

Using a debian flasher image from website.

Thanks for any arrows in the right direction.

use debian 11.2 to solve this

This is as expected as connman is managing network connections DietPi Image for Beagle Bone Black · Issue #931 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Thanks for the input, I figured it was likely something to do with the connection loss during the upgrade.

The official site does not have a buster release for the BB Black yet… But I was able to find an unofficial release 11.3 and they no longer use connman.
After installing it to the SD and getting a good boot, I moved it to the eMMC and the ran the Dietpi conversion.
This time, it completed!
I did the install for Dietpi dashboard and pi-hole and It was using 80%-ish of the 4GB eMMC, so I ran the Dietpi cleaner and took off 80MB. I then changed the swap file from 1.5GB to 479MB and now I have a surplus of space available. Since this is going to be a dedicated pi-hole and nothing else, the new swap should be sufficient.

Now to replicate/repeat the entire process for the second one. Thanks for the added input, I think I’m good moving forward now. Love the Dietpi OS.

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