The bazarr is missing from dietpi, how we can install it?


many thanks for your report. OpenBazaar should be available via dietpi-software.

ID 58  OpenBazaar: decentralised peer to peer bitcoin market

I think he may have been referring to the subtitle downloader - note the spelling.

Hehe, do not mix up “Bazarr” and “OpenBazaar”:

Bazarr install instructions:

Really exactly the same as for Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr, we need to add this to DietPi-Software, as it is not more than copy&paste the other install instructions.

sorry my fault if I mix it up

It’s on the list, has high voting on FeatHub as well and should be easy to implement due to vast code share with Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr.
We’re just currently busy with all the image updates and some new image creations.

Hi Great Developers!

do you have any eta for including Bazarr into DietPi-Software?
It would be great to have all my stuff managed by dietpi

I guess v6.30 will contain it. It should be easy to implement but I stopped now to implement new features, but only an enhanced error handler for v6.29, which needs to be released better sooner than later.

Would love to see Bazarr added. When you guys implement it, please consider the fact to use the ram for that database storage. Like u guys did at radarr and sonarr

In 6.33.3 there’s no Bazarr in software list :thinking: :roll_eyes:
Device model : RPi 3 Model B (armv7l)

on my RPi3B+ it’s available, software ID 180

root@DietPi3:~# dietpi-software list|grep bazarr
id 180 | =0 | bazarr: automatically download subtitles | +ffmpeg +buildessential +git |

root@DietPi:/home/tibo# dietpi-software list|grep bazarr
id 180 | =0 | bazarr: automatically download subtitles | +ffmpeg +buildessential +git disabled for debian stretch |

disabled for debian stretch?

yes, no support on Debian Stretch due to Python >=3.7.0 requirement


time to move to Buster as actual Debian version. :wink:

Yes sorry for that, since Bazarr was requested a long time already => quite possible a number of Stretch systems. Would be a large effort to install Python 3.7 on Stretch, the APT packages ship v3.5 only.

As Joulinar said, it is not the first and won’t be the last software title that looses support on Debian Stretch, so it can be taken as an inducement to migrate to Debian/Raspbian Buster.

you are right.

just upgrading system to buster.