[BASH] Automated RTL-SDR/Multimon-ng/pagermon setup

After fixing various issues during getting my RTL-SDR to work properly, I decided to document and recreate the process for future easy re-installations. Hopefully this will help someone out there who also dabbles in RTL-SDR!


I am hoping it’s OK to put the gist link up vs inserting the code here, since I will more than likely update/change/add options to the bash in time. Obviously this was created for DietPi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great RPI distro!

Sort of off topic, but I’ve just bought one and I’m looking for a remote web-server software. My SDR is upstairs with the server and my main PC is downstairs.

So remote is the only way to go, more so as my server is headless.

I tried airspy server and it doesn’t work, is there any thing else to try?

I’m not so familiar with the SDR stuff, but this app supports RTL-SDR:

what exactly you are looking for? What do you mean be remote web-server software ?

Something like Websdr.org, something that lets me listen and tune remotely in a web browser.