Bananapi boot from HDD

Hi all,
I was running bananian wheezy based distro on my card with rootfs on /dev/sda1 which is a sata drive and i decided to use Dietpi, since i used it previously on a raspberry B+ and was fully satisfied.
so i backed up all rootfs system on sda1, and then tried to modify sd boot file to make the roofs on sda1. but i cannot find any of the described files in several related posts , there is no /boot/uEnv.txt described here for pine64 board
and no /boot/cmdline.txt related here :
and i have read the excellent post from k-plan related to ODROID-C1+ but there is no /DietPi/boot.ini file.

the only file related to boot is /boot/boo.cmd which i modified to replace sd card with setenv bootargs "root=UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxx rootwait ro ${condev} no_console_suspend vdaccfg=0xa00
but with no success, the system reboots to sdcard as rootfs.
i think Dietpi is different for Bananapi, but what to modify?

This thread may help:

I’ve done this on a Banana Pi M1 (SATA SSD) and Orange Pi Zero (USB flash) both running DietPi.


many thanks for this useful post, it is almost impossible to guess that this command is the key to boot from hdd for newer versions of dietpi.
everything is working now.