Banana Pi Pro gpio

On boot for some reason the gpio chip comes up in some sort of “chip state” where gpio ports are in various configurations. For example gpio 8 appears to go in to an output “on” state. The “gpio utility” has to be used to do a “reset” to put all ports to a pre-defined state according to wiringPi specifications.

The Raspbian and Bananian distributions do not have this issue.

In order to fix this I wrote a “systemd oneshot” unit process in order to force a gpio reset after the UDEV init. process completes. Unfortunately depending on the interface use of various ports this is too late and may cause external devices to turn on too early under no control during boot.

Is there are earlier startup process that my unit process could be run? Or is there a DietPi process that can be “tweaked” in order to force a gpio reset?