Banana PI BPI-M2+ support

I want to try diet pi but I have banana pi m2+
Hardware spec is better than raspberry pi and orange pi and price reasonable
Any plan to port diet pi for this platform
Below link is details of banana pi m2+

Hi dony71,

Another really nice and airy looking SOC device. Like some other in the past month (RPi3, Odroid C0, Odroide C2, PINE46, and more …)

Cool, when you’ve had time to test it, you will have to let us know what you think of it. (comparison, pro and cons)

The easiest way for you is to draw interest of Fourdee for a Banana pi m2+ , make a donation to help him buying such a device and assisted with testing to get DietPi working on this device.

Some example links, this process can work out of the last months:

  • Odroid C2

  • PINE64

  • Raspberry Pi 3B

DietPi is a free product and relies solely on your donations for funding.
Where are some problems for the developers and principal supporter.
They have to buy their own devices, PSU, SD-Cards, eMMC Modules, Card-reader, WiFi Dongle, Displays, optional accessory, etc. to make it possible to support this device and develop DietPi on it or for it and test it.
They have do this with their own money, in their rare spare time, with high amount of work, without effect on their own employment.

The community for new devices only grow up slowly.
So, if you want to push development for special devices or find our project useful, then we’d really appreciate it if you’d consider contributing to the project however you can. Donating is the easiest – you can use PayPal and Bitcoin.
As well DietPi need Project Contribution by users benefit in kind of testing, coding, feedback, bug reporting, compilation, suggestions, contribution in forum …

Sponsoring are another option. A personal thanks to Pilovali for helping DietPi during our early days with desperately needed webhosting for 1 year until April 17th 2016. Now DietPi has found a new web hosting sponsor.

Without helping hands, donations and contribution a project like DietPi won’t work and won’t exist.

DietPi for Banana Pi M2+ is currently in beta.
Credits and many thanks going to @Fourdee. :open_mouth:

DietPi for Banana Pi M2+

Download image for BPI-M2+