Backup with comment?

it would be nice to add a comment to a backup, so if you restore a backup you can see what the old backup is about.
Furthermore it would be nice if to the comment are added all the apps name which are installed to the system.
Kind regards

Hmm there is no such feature out of the box, but you could just put a textfile in the corresponding backup location, for a workaround.

or give the backup folder an individual name to indicate what it could be.

Yes, I do that, creating a separat folder.
But nonetheless after some time I am never sure what is included at the backup or not.
Creating manually a separate textfile might be a solution but I guess not for me because even then the iinformatoin I am writing down might not be perfect (missing apps … and other information).

At least from DietPi side we don’t plan to develop such functionality.