Backup Windows with DietPi

What is dietpi community suggestion to optimal ethernet backup Windows 10 to one of DietPi software server? What Windows 10 and DietPi app are the favorites for You?

I just use robocopy to backup important files to an external HDD, but of course you can also backup to a SMB share, which you set up with dietpi.
For windows system files, I use the windows internal backup and restore function. I also think this could be also done to a SMB share, but I never tried it. I have an extra HDD in my machine just for backups.

Personally I’m using an older Acronis 2019 to backup all my Windows systems to a CIFS share.

I started using duplicati a while back, set it to backup to a network share and just let it go

there are quite many tools available who could backup a Windows box. Important is if they can store data on a NFS or CIFS share.

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Thanks for comments.

Could I backup Windows system partition NTFS or whole system disk from Linux USB-live like Debian MX LInux or even from DietPi from network with Duplicati?

I used MiniTool Shadow Maker Free, but it’s only for Windows and when I want to backup system partition I have too boot from special boot usb, which not every time boot on every computer. For optimal use I must have separately usb pen for every desktop.

You like to boot into a Linux Live system to backup your Windows box? There should be anough tools available on market where this is not needed.

And dietpi-backup is not designed for such operation. Main aim is to backup an entire DietPi system only. By default all external drives are excluded.

Clonezilla is a (probably too) mighty backup tool which can run as live system from a pen drive or as backup server on a dedicated Linux box to manage backups on the whole network.

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“By default all external drives are excluded.” Even when I move DietPi user folder to external drive?

Yes. If you need to backup externa drives as well, you would need to include the mount point into the backup list

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