Backup to NAS

Would it be possible to implement an option in dietpi-backup to allow the backup on an external NAS folder, mounted on the pi via CIFS?
The current system warns that CIFS does not support symlinks correctly, but wouldn’t this problem be bypassed by compressing the backup into a tarball, for example?
This would really be useful to those who use NAS drives as storage.

Great idea, but the issue is rsync, it doesnt support direct save/pipe to any compressed format.
We would still need to rsync the entire rootFS (and user data if selected) to a temporary location that supports symlinks + permissions, then, we could tar/zip/7z it up and send it over.

Or we could try to add a compress option, excluding rsync, however, can see issues with drive boundaries (rsync has a nice option for this).

I’ll have a play and see if we can add this option in.

I see… I don’t use rsync much, so I am not really aware of its limitations.
Using external/network storage (which is usually huge) as the backup location would easily allow to keep more than one backup.
I’m not sure how to automate the system restore part though.
Thanks for considering the idea, though :slight_smile: