Backup NTFS file and directory index tree

I have 2x 2TB NTFS drives connected to my Pi2 which I have no means to back up. I do want to save the names of files and directories on those disks, the whole structure, to a file, on a weekly basis. Googling didn’t help me, at all. A friend advised to setup local git server but that seems overkill - I do not need to keep the changes between files, only a basic snapshot so that in case some or all data is lost I know what was on that HDD. Is there some backup solution available to satisfy this requirement, preserving the index in readable form? If not, please help me with writing a bash script to implement this.

If you only want the complete filepaths of each file and directory in a list, this would do it:

find /Path/To/Drive > saved_list.txt

As an example, if I want to list all files and folders in my USB drive, and save to a file:

find /mnt/usb_1 > usb_drive_files.txt

And when I open usb_drive_files.txt:

If you only want to list the files (including their full filepaths):

find -type f /mnt/usb_1 > usb_drive_files.txt

As for automating this weekly, you create a cron job in /etc/cron.weekly/MyCronJob. Let me know if you need any assistance setting that up.

@Fourdee thank you!