Backuo / Restore running Docker and Protainer

Hi all,

I’ve freshly built DietPi on a RPi B+ and RPi 3B+ and took backups after a fresh install and then after installing Docker and Portainer.

I configured a couple of containers, hit an issue and tried to rollback to the backup after installing Docker/portainer, after a successfully restore portainer and my containers were not accessible.

so i had to rollback to my first backup and reinstalled docker and portainer.

Linux DietPi 5.10.63+ #1488 Thu Nov 18 16:14:04 GMT 2021 armv6l GNU/Linux

any one else seen this ?

did you have done the 2nd backup on a different directory? Are you able to restore the 2nd backup again? Did you checked the status of Docker service after restore? Did you checked Docker logs after restore?

Usually if there is an issue with a container, simply drop that container and create a new one.

yup 2nd backup was to a different folder to the first backup
I could do the restore, but its a pain to recover from, if I was, what log files would I need to look at ? i didn’t check out the docker service.

Issue wasn’t just the pihole container, but also the portainer admin page.

if your containers not working, it was most probably an issue with docker service not running correctly.

BTW: PiHole is available as native installation on DietPi. There is no need to run it on a Docker container.

just reverted to my backup that had docker and portainer installed (again to test) and the docker service within dietpi-services is active, but portainer is not accessible.

ok i stopped and started docker that might of kicked in to life or it could be that its a slow Pi B+ and it took some time to bring them up.

But it does work, thanks

Yes I was testing as well on a RPi1 yesterday and it is a horrible slow device compare to a RPi3B+ or RPi4B.

It’s really not fun to use docker on it. You should really think to use the apps natively, you installed inside container. It would save around 100MB memory consumption due to Docker engine. Which is quite a lot on such a device.