Background job executon as warning

I try to go through security warnings and don’t really understand the background job thing. I know that cron can do some jobs in the background such as update or whatever. But in the basic settings, I can set the email, create a tag and create a job. But it still shows “background job was not created”? Does it mean, I must create some job via bash?


Can you give more information, where do you see this message and in what context?

sorry. I see it in overview of the administration panel:

Last background job execution ran 53 years ago. Something seems wrong. Check the background job settings.

I guess he is talking about Nextcloud? If yes, was this a fresh install? If yes, just wait 1 day.

oh man!! :smiley: I just forgot to mention, that it’s nextcloud :smiley:
the install was some weeks ago, but the creation of the cronjob was just today.

Ok, it’s gone, I have just to wait after creating the cronjob. :slight_smile: