Back-up/Update Fail

Hi all,

I had trouble upgrading Dietpi yesterday and thought I would give it another try today… But before I upgraded now, I tried a backup…
But I’m getting the same error…

Any ideas anyone??


many thanks for your report. It’s not really the DietPi update or backup that is going to fail. It’s more the standard Debian apt-get upgrade that’s going to fail. apt-get is called in front of DietPi update to ensure that all Debian packages are up-to-date. In case of DietPi backup, apt-get is called to install rsync that is needed to perform the backup.

Anyway in both cases apt-get is going to fail as you have a source included that doesn’t seems to have a valid release file.

looks like your source list is pointing the a snapshot. Probably a daily snapshot that was refreshed at this moment. At least it would fit, looking to the time stamp of the file.

Probably you can try to running apt update and apt upgrade again manually, to check if it would be working now.