Automatic icons on desktop after reboot

I’m using the mate-desktop and since the first start I saw the htop and chromium desktop-links on it. I can delete those automatic created links from the desktop, but next time/reboot they are back again. Does anyone know how this can be taken out forever?

I also see some menuitems which are not needed for the user itself (and were there from the beginning as well), is there an option to take these out as well?

Hmm, they shouldn’t be recreated. We have a per-user autostart entry which adds them on first login and then disables itself. Is this probably still enabled on subsequent logins for some reason?

I can confirm this, I installed Dietpi some days ago on an old laptop and I also use MATE desktop there. I see only the htop link, since I didn’t install chromium.
How can the recreatio of the link be disabled?

did we manage to find a fix for this?

Please check other entry as well - maybe relevant:

Can you guys check whether the dietpi-… named (desktop) autostart entry ia still active?

How can this be checked?