Automate dietpi-update with no user input

Hello everyone,
I am running a Raspberry Pi Zero W as an VPN Exit Node (Tailscale) and I want the PI to autoupdate so that I don’t need to check it every few weeks.
I update packages with an Ansible Playbook, but I couldn’t get dietpi-update to work yet.
Any Ideas how to automate dietpi-update without user input?

we don’t offer such a functionality by design. We would like to get user aware on the update and watch the output.

Anyway you could try creating a script using:

/boot/dietpi/dietpi-update 1

Btw: we offer new updates once a month. No need to check on weekly basis.

For this we offer a build-in functionality. No additional software required.


Well I could have guessed/ researched the release cycle :man_facepalming:

I understand why you dont want to offer it by default but I think in my usecase its fine.

Thanks for the hint with the script I will try to make it work :slight_smile: