Autologin - - Showing manual login briefly

Set up as a Kiosk.
Running Dietpi 7.0.2,Pi4 4gb ram, Class 9 64gb SD card and using option 14 - to boot startx to chromium. When the unit is booting up, it is displaying the usual boot text, but then it briefly shows the Dietpi-Baner and the login line, stops here for about 2 seconds, and then continues on to chromuim.

Is there a way to disable this?

Thanks in advance


why are you not using autostart option 11 : Chromium - Dedicated use without desktop

Thanks for the reply. I could not get the chromium to work properly, I was having a few issues. As the unit is being used as a kiosk with its own hosted app, I required no mouse cursor, no scroll bars, no Google updates and no restore last session pop ups, but also a problem with chromium was that it was not loading the app immediately, so I was getting a “website could not be found” page before chromium would refresh and load the app.
Using startx I could disable all the above and also delay chromium from starting for 3 seconds to allow the app to fully load before chromium tried to run the page.

You’d need to write an own systemd unit to define more precisely when it shall start. The is statically started after our boot scripts started all services and the login prompt is done. As not automated console login is done, this is somehow correct, but I agree that it is strange when the starts an application without console login.