Autoconnect VPN

firstoff if there already is a topic just redirect me but i did not understand what i have seen so far.

i have:
OpenVPN client installed
Server configured
a working VPN up and running when i type the command : openvpn --config somethingsomething.ovpn

everytime i reboot the system it does not get the VPN up too. This was expected and this is why i put everything needed to start it manually in the autostart at dietpi-config.
My system still boots but the VPN client is shown as inactive in dietpi-services until i start it manually. Is there a fix for that?
dietpi autostart file is configured like this:

openvpn --config somethingsomething.ovpn

edit: i just saw that there are problems opening my config file. why could that be if it was running? [ERR: Options error: In [CMD-LINE]:1: Error opening configuration file: de_berlin-aes-256-cbc-udp-dns.ovpn
Use --help for more information.

Simply use dietpi-vpn and choose the custom option to specify your configuration file.

seems it is way easier that i thought. Thanks a lot it worked