Auto updates (mainly for Jackett), Android & WebUI monitoring?

I was having issues with Kodi, which I have configured with script.elementum.jackett to use Jackett running on my (DietPi) Rpi 3 and I wrongly assumed the issue was on the Kodi side. I discovered on the Jackett WebUI two scrapers were not responding, and I have now disabled those, and I am going to see if there is some way to automatically disable scrapers that stop responding and/or try alternate URLs. When I logged into the Rpi I was prompted to run diet-pi update, and I saw one of the packages updated was Jackett.

Is there anyway that I can make it so that packages, and perhaps security updates if not already, will automatically be installed on my server without user intervention?

For monitoring and admin of DietPi, is there a recommended WebUI setup, and for Android other than running something like JuiceSSH and logging in, is there a recommended app?


many thanks for your request. Basically DietPi did not offer automated Debian package updates yet. However you could configure it yourselve by installation of unattended-upgrades package. There are a couple of config steps needed for RPi to get it working. But there are a lot of guides on the web how to archive this.

From DietPi side, we don’t recommend any WebUI, however you could have a look to Webmin which is available via dietpi-software

The following needs to be done additionally to get unattended-upgrades running:

systemctl unmask apt-daily{,-upgrade}.{service,timer}

I guess as well services would need to be enabled, isn’t it?

If any, then the timers only, but AFAIK the unattended-upgrades package install does this.

Ah about Jackett, it is not an APT package, but has an infernal updater that can (and should) be set up to update automatically on a daily basis.

Webmin can be used for web UI administration, Netdata is a massive web UI monitoring tool. But there are lots of others, depends on personal taste, use case and how much resources you want to use for monitoring/admin tasks aside of regular shell/SSH.

Thank you both for the great replies and useful information.

Is it good practice here to accept an answer only once I have tried the suggestion?

I am spoiled for choice with the good answers! :slight_smile:

yes always good to share experience if a solution is working. That’s always helpful.