Auto Update behavior for non-APT

I have the following set.

# DietPi checks for updates: Allows DietPi to check for updates on a daily basis and boot using a less 1 KiB file download.

# Daily check for APT package updates: 0=disable | 1=check only | 2=check and upgrade automatically
# - Upgrade logs can be found at: /var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-update_apt.log

Does this imply that it will automatically check and upgrade APT pacakges but NOT software installed via dietpi (assuming it’s not in APT repos)?

For example, I have pi-hole, wireguard, unbound installed. I should expect wireguard and unbound to get auto updated but what about pi-hole?

PiHole will notify you via web interface if there is an update available. As well you could follow PiHole guys on Twitter to get notified about new versions.

OK, so if I interpret your reply correctly, the answer to my original question is that dietpi does NOT auto-update non-APT software