Hi I wonder if anyone can direct me I have added auto install software to my dietpi.txt file and it works really well. Is there a way that I can also install addition software that is not included in the software list like write sudo apt-get install python-dev python-rpi.gpio
Or apt-get install python-dev python-rpi.gpio

and sudo apt-get install python- alsaaudio
or apt-get install python- alsaaudio
on RPI 3 apt-get install python-dev python-rpi.gpio or sudo apt-get install python-alsaaudio

And download a and run it on every restart.

Thanks for this stunning software really works well for me


never try it myself, but have a look here in dietpi.txt:

#Custom Script | Requires AUTO_Install_Enable=1
#   Allows you to automatically execute a custom script at the end of DietPi installation.
#   Option 1 = Copy your script to /boot/ and it will be executed automatically.
#   Option 2 = Host your script online, then use AUTO_CustomScriptURL= , it will be downloaded and executed automatically. | 0=disabled

No need for sudo, setup process run as root.

Have a look at dietpi-autostart

Thank you for your help I did see that…dont know how to write the script can you help me to a simple template I could use? Would really appreciate that