Auto connect to NordVPN on startup not working most times

I have set autoconnect to on which seems to work only if the connection is dropped when the OS is already booted and rarely on startup
I’ve tried adding “nordvpn c UK” to an rc.local file which i created in /etc/init.d but it is either getting ignored or connectivity on bootup is only happening via the nordvpn command already set (nordvpn set autoconnect on) [general commands here -]

I have read the article on but it doesnt appear to be useful for a DietPi setup unfortunately, or at least i dont know how to make it so. I’m using NordLynx in case that makes any difference.

I read here about another fix in Ubuntu but again , not sure if such a thing exists here.

The command doesnt need elevated privilege, I guess i just need a way to reliably execute it on boot/reboot , any help?


well if you are using NordLynx, than you don’t use the DietPi implementation of NordVPN. I guess you installed the native NordVPN app.

As well you can’t use the following guide. It’s not valid for NordLynx

Did you set nordvpn set autoconnect on ??

After reboot, you could have a look to journalctl and dmesg to check for error messsages.

Personally I don’t own a NordVPN account, therefore I can’t test or support further. Maybe better to ask on a NordVPN specific board.

Thanks Joulinar, i guess it was cheeky to ask for assistance here when not using the DietPi version, hope the team will implement NordLynx support in the DietPi version at some future date, I do find it far faster than the non NordLynx connectivity by several orders of magnitude here.
FWIW i did some more googling and added “@reboot nordvpn c UK” to crontab and its working great, have tried several reboots and all good.
Thanks for the hint regarding journalctl, it showed that the command in my rc.local wasn’t running at all, so your advice was useful :slight_smile:

ok good that you found a solution. Thx for sharing.

In theory it would be possible as well to create a systemd service and have it started on system boot. But as cron is working for you, no need to do so :slight_smile: