Attempting to build a wake on lan system

what i have:
-a raspberry pi 3b running dietpi
-a minibox pc with ethernet wake on lan support (beelink)

the plan:
because I cant bring ethernet cables from my router to these 2 devices , I wanna connect RPi to this mini PC with an ethernet cable, so RPi can start that computer with WOL. both devices will keep using wifi as their main way of internet connection.

what is happening:
when I make the ethernet connection between RPi and PC, Wi-Fi of RPi keeps dropping and reconnecting, I can’t even ping any server.

the solution I seek:
a way to make Wi-Fi main connection on RPi and ethernet as a secondary private network between 2 devices.

You would need to create an ethernet network on another subnet between the two devices.
Since the Dietpi config script wants a gateway, but we do not need one (bc the two devies reach internet via wifi) you would need to directly edit /etc/network/interfaces and modify the eth0 interface part.
Both devices need to be in the same subnet, so you could do on your RPi (change address if you already use 192.168.2.x subnet):

# Ethernet
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static

On your minixbox PC you need to set also a static IP within the same subnet, so use the same subnet mask, but obviously change the IP to and also don’t set a gateway on the mini PC! This subnet can only have two clients btw.
I think this should be doing it :thinking:

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